Steve Riley for Kentucky?

No.  Not at all.


Steve Riley voted in favor of Charter Schools

Riley voted YEA on HB 520 that brings charter schools into Kentucky.  Charter schools are the privatization and commercialization of our educational system, paid for by taking away funding from public schools.  Now Bevin has decimated the Kentucky Board of Education and placed all pro charter school zealots on the board who immediately fired Commissioner Stephen Pruitt. (Source) Riley’s response to his vote  is “It was going to pass whether I voted yea or nay, so I tried to add some positive amendments.”  Bullshit.  A REAL legislative leader who says they disagree with a bill would take a full throttle fight to the floor of the legislature.  They don’t “cave” and whimper that they tried and were outnumbered.  (Source)  Riley is also on LOTS of education committees (and Vice Chair of three) – yet he still couldn’t make any attempt to stop charter schools?  Here are the education committees that Riley sits on:

  • 2018 Budget Review Subcommittee on Education
  • 2018 Interim Joint Committee on Education
  • 2018 House Budget Review Subcommittee on Postsecondary Education (Vice Chair)
  • 2018 House Budget Review Subcommittee on Primary and Secondary Education and Workforce Development (Vice Chair)
  • 2018 House Standing Committee on Education (Vice Chair)
  • 2018 Education Assessment and Accountability Review Subcommittee


Steve Riley voted to restrict a woman’s right to control her own body

Riley voted YEA on HB 454 and HB 2 (2017) that would place unnecessary restrictions on a woman who wanted to exercise her LEGAL RIGHT to an abortion.  Cloaking their move as moral superiority, they enacted legislation that continues the unwarranted and ignorant war on Planned Parenthood with the goal of destroying the last remaining clinic offering abortion services in Kentucky.  A bunch of middle aged men telling a woman what she can and can not do with her body.  Not to mention the huge legal costs Kentucky is going to have to pay to cover the lawsuits that are being filed in response.  (Source)

Steve Riley voted to strip away Workman’s Compensation benefits from workers injured on the job.

Riley voted YEA on HB 2 (2018) which limits a worker from being compensated for a devastating and permanent debilitating work related injury to getting benefits for just 15 years.  So a 20 year old maimed in a factory accident due to factory owner safety neglect  can only get assistance until he/she is 35 years old.  Then after that they are on their own for  their medical needs.  Just another example of where Republicans and people like Riley put corporations before people and workers. (Source)

Steve Riley voted to strip away workers’ rights to unionize and make a decent wage

Riley voted YEA to HB 1 and along with his other Republican cohorts took away the rights for workers to unionize and make a decent wage.  Without unions, we wouldn’t have paid holidays, weekends off, workplace safety, child labor laws, employer based health insurance, and more.  I guess Riley forgot about those benefits he used during his time as an educator.  Or more likely, he just doesn’t give a damn now that he’s retired and moved on to sucking on the government teat for his benefits and doesn’t need them any more.   All of this done while excluding union and labor leaders from all meetings, meeting behind closed doors and other underhanded tricks. (Source)

Steve Riley voted to allow groups to discriminate legally in the name of “religious freedom”.

Riley voted YEA on SB 17 that allows LBGTQ students and an others deemed as “unfit” to be excluded from organizations and activities based on the religious beliefs of the students making up that organization.  Since this is being allowed in state funded schools, this is state funded discrimination.  And it’s not just limited to LBGTQ students (although that is the primary target of Riley and his Republican cronies).  Under this law, a black student or a Jewish student could be blocked from participating in activities if it was the “deeply held belief” that the person in question was inferior to their personal belief system. (Source)


From Riley’s responses to  Kentucky Candidate Information Survey:


Kentucky should pass legislation raising the minimum wage.


His additional comments were “…resist national pressure on pay for entry level jobs.”  Not sure what la-la-land Riley lives in, but the people working these “entry level jobs” are adults with families still trying to recover from the recession that the Republicans drove our country into because of their greed and that the Obama administration had to save.  Go to any fast food restaurant and you’ll see men and women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or more working there. Not teenage kids.  Most are working multiple jobs.  So we have adults working 60+ hours a week or more at multiple “entry level jobs” and Riley is OK with that?  Tells you a lot about Riley, doesn’t it?


The General Assembly should acknowledge global warming and work to limit Kentucky’s contribution to it.


His additional comments include “…this issue is a federal matter.”  Really?  The destruction of the planet isn’t a state problem?  Cleaner air, safer food and water and a better life aren’t something Kentuckians should be concerned about?  Wow.  Just wow.


Charter schools should be allowed throughout Kentucky

Riley’s Response: AGREE

Riley, a supposed “educator” is selling out the public school system he made his living on and selling it out to the Koch brothers.


The practice of mountaintop removal should be prohibited in Kentucky.

Riley’s Response: DISAGREE

Of course he does.  He’s already shown he’s anti-environment and pro-business.  Screw the environment as long as my campaign backers can make a buck.


Personal and creative service businesses should not be forced to produce goods or services that violate their rights of conscience.

Riley’s Response: STRONGLY AGREE

Just like the students in SB 17 that Riley voted for, he thinks any business open to the public should be allowed to deny service (ie: discriminate) against a person because of the business owners personal beliefs.  Maybe Riley has forgotten that we used that same argument to discriminate for hundreds of years against a specific race whose very existence and color of their skin went against the “personal belief” of the people of the time.  I guess for those 12 years he taught school at Barren County, he didn’t teach History.


Kentucky should not become a Right to Work state.


Yep.  Put big business before the working class.  It is the Republican way, after all.


Schools should familiarize students with all sides of scientific debates on issues like evolution and global warming.

Riley’s Response: AGREE

Really?  Because he just stated above that climate change and global warming were “federal issues”?  So why debate them in state-funded schools?  It’s not a state issue.  Oh wait – he had to say he agreed because he wants ridiculous dogma like “Creationism” to be able to be taught in public schools to combat the “lies” of evolution.  If he qualified his answer, he’d look more hypocritical than he already does.



The solution?

Vote him out!




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